Joe West has made some of the finest country-rock albums ever to come out of New Mexico. If you’re a country-rock purist, the music on Xoë will jar you. Fortunately, I doubt that West’s following includes too many rabid purists. Read the whole article.
Intergalactic Transvestite Conspiracy
Steve Terrell – Pasatiempo/Santa Fe New Mexican.

The crowd was packed, writhing, dancing, copulating, breathing in every word of the songs heard for the first time and all knowing this was a magical rock and roll spectacle and that they would speak of this occasion for many years to come.
Gender-Bending Genius
Posted by David Shodo Portolano

By the time I started on the Booker’s whiskey, someone in a robot costume was on the dance floor. This, I felt, was totally reasonable. For the crescendo, West threw on a frilly red number, complete with butterfly wings. I was, by then, shaking my ass on the dance floor, watching a grown man wearing a camisole and butterfly wings sing about alternate universes, unity and life-after-physical death. The guy dancing next to me wore a hot-pink-and-black cat suit with extremely high heels, makeup and a wig to match; he was having fun too.
She’s a Total Blam-Blam
Gabe Gomez – Santa Fe Reporter